• Sandi and Chaplain Ray

    Sandi and Chaplain Ray

    Chaplain Ray was hugely responsible for making Sandi's book available for free to prisoners everywhere

  • Sandi Preaching in Death Row in Texas

    Sandi Preaching in Death Row in Texas

  • Ministering in a Women's Prison

    Ministering in a Women's Prison

  • Steve Fatow, Murph the Surf, Sandi Fatow and George Moore

    Steve Fatow, Murph the Surf, Sandi Fatow and George Moore

  • Sandi with Frank and Bunny Constantino

    Sandi with Frank and Bunny Constantino

A friend asked Sandi to check out a Christian rehab for him to see if the preacher would help him. While there, she was challenged to go through rehab herself. After 18 hours she was horribly ill and started out to get a bag of dope when one older woman cornered her and asked her if she could pray for her. The old lady laid hands on her and prayed and spoke directly to a demon “You demon of drug addiction, I command you, in the name of Jesus Christ come out of this girl.” Sandi was instantly delivered from her heroin addiction and set on a new path that night!

She now travels with The Bill Glass Champions For Life out of Dallas, Texas. They go from prison to prison across the United States and other countries sharing her story and how Jesus Christ brought her real life. Her heart’s desire is to get copies of “Smokin’ & Jokin” into the prisons to show others how God changed her and can change them.
She has also gone with her husband Steve to a number of third world country prisons and preached the Gospel, all totaling over about 700 at the time of this print.

The Time Is Now!

Right now Sandi is invading the Tennessee State Prison called Morgan County Correctional Complex with Salt and Light, bringing the Good News of the Gospel, and She needs Your Help! For $100 she can bring one CASE of her book, Smokin and Jokin, into the joint. All proceeds from book sales go directly towards this end, as well as donations. Sandi and her Husband Steve operate under a 501c3, and all donations are tax deductible. Please consider sowing into this powerful ministry that is leading people to Jesus, and changing lives every day.

Consider Partnering In The Harvest Today!

There are 2 ways you can help. You can purchase one or more copies of Smokin and Jokin, or you can Donate. Sandi and Steve Fatow have been faithful to the call for over 40 years, and have been pastoring faithfully and with integrity in Knoxville for over 27 years. You can partner with Sandi in ministry by standing with her in this critical time of need. Let’s advance the Kingdom, one soul at a time!