Steve Fatow

Sandi’s husband Steve Fatow has been pastoring in Knoxville for 30  years, as well as leading crusades and seeing the miraculous and lives changed in over 82 countries, including Central and South America, Fiji, India, Africa, Australia and China, to mention a few. Steve is anointed to move powerfully in evangelism and the prophetic realm and is truly a father in the faith.

Steve Fatow is known for his contributions to world evangelization through his dynamic crusades and passion for the lost.  He was born in New York, raised in a Jewish home in Miami, FL.  In 1970 Steve heard the Gospel and gave his life completely to Jesus Christ.  Transformed by God’s power, he immediately felt a call to the ministry.   Soon he began to manifest a powerful preaching gift, coupled with signs powerfully confirming the word he preached.

steve-fatow-about-evangelism-of-earthEvangelism of Earth has succeeded, while continuing to work hard, in overcoming barriers characterized by ethnocentric or denomination differences, lack of confidence and prejudices caused by previous poor experiences.  This attitude develops respect for the virtues and values of each ministry that has a pastoral vision to reach the entire world.  Formal interviews and press conferences with radio, television, magazines and newspapers are used to share about the purpose of Steve’s crusades.  Through these communication tools, large numbers of people are able to hear about salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

We aim to mobilize the local church through:

  • Personal Evangelism (Statistics indicate 85% of people who come to a crusade have received an invitation from a friend or colleague)
  • Service (All churches participating in our campaigns are encouraged to use their own ministry gifts and talents in evangelizing the communities involved)
  • Musical Groups (Contemporary musicians whose concerts glorify God)
  • Counselors (Church members are trained to assist in the personal contacts that take place during the crusades)

steve-fatow-about-book-evangelism-of-earthWe believe in consolidating results, making disciples, not just converts.  Each person who positively responds to the gospel during crusades receives a copy of “And What Now?”, a publication that has been carefully designed to provide basic small group, bible study materials.  We have recognized many crusade attendees immediately respond to the gospel message, while others take a few weeks for the seed that has been planted to germinate and grow.

Another goal is to have positive openness to the Christian message for many people. It is our goal to develop relevant, positive regional, national and international meeting of pastors in which the goals and strategic alliances are established to present relevant the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The adopt a “people-group” movement offers a means by which local churches are seriously involved in establishing churches prepared for world wide evangelism.  William Carey had the philosophy, “Expect great things from God, and begin great things for God”.